You want to know how an Italian Blogger discovered ART WEST?
Feel free to read the blog and look at the pictures. Never thought that the half piano in the corridor would make it to the Internet.
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Open studio ARTWEST
The studio is clean and tidy - The work hangs nicely - the first visitors are there - and then I forget to take pictures. Anyway it was a great weekend


I participate and open my studio these two days. You're very much welcome.www.artwestamsterdam.nl


Returned from a trip to Nice. Even a rising storm is breathtakingly beautiful. Watch the amazing colors and light.


 A gift from nature. What I'm going to do with it? I do not now


'Prost' on life
It's a puzzle and will grow. (work in progress) previous versions below.


I want to share with you the following website: http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/
Because they also have master classes. For example: Alan Guth "inflationary cosmology" Not easy but a chance to understand this matter. http://www.worldscienceu.com/courses/master_class
and you can get a certificate of participation. I love it


'Prost' on life
It's a growing puzzle. (work in progress) previous versions below.