always nice to see how a painting of mine integrates into a new environment.


what is an artist doing on sunday?  she designs her own curtains.
I have been trying to create an atmospheric shield for the outside world for many Sundays,
and again and again it looks like a pizzeria wallpaper instead of an interpretation of a Mediterranean sun hatch :-( 1: 10 scale  (-:


To understand the origin of the universe you have to create it ;-)


Das Weibliche Schönheitsideal in der Malerei / nadia gyr

With the #me too movement I remember an old work of mine.
I got this book in the late eighties and was in shock. Under the title The feminine beauty ideal in painting, The woman was more victim and sexual object dan beauty.
So I transformed the paintings into more femininity.

Orginal: Das Weibliche Schönheitsideal in der Malerei,Hans Schulze 1912

see here

or here


I am fascinated by their subtle beauty, vague contours, and their transparent, almost matter-less constantly moving body.
Exhibition at the gallery Kiosk - de Persgroep Nederland - Jacob Bontiusplaats 9, 1018 LL Amsterdam. Until Friday 11 May


Newspaper Trouw Sunday attachment time 18 November 2017


One of my jelly fish has a new residence. He is happy between the books in Berlin.


From 5-5-17 to 26-5-17, my universe paintings can be seen at the Kiosk Galerie. Weekly I would show another one.  
Kiosk Galerie - Persgroep Nederland - Jacob Bontiusplaats 9 - Amsterdam


I wanted to paint the sparkling light on snow. First try, next time more white snow.
1 x 1.30 m tempera


Schiaparelli and his latest registration on mission to Mars
77 x 57 cm, watercolor crayon


homemade tempera - more pigments, intensity, brilliance and more work than from a tube.


Isolated star and the accidental discovery of white holes


 Back in the city and ready for the new season


With a telescope into space


tempera on canvas 50 x 50 cm
These beings have fascinated me for a while. They are sophisticated and elegant. They have no eyes, nor hands or feet. But they existed before humans started swimming. What is the purpose of their existence?


You want to know how an Italian Blogger discovered ART WEST?
Feel free to read the blog and look at the pictures. Never thought that the half piano in the corridor would make it to the Internet.
Blog    (blog opens in new window)


Open studio ARTWEST
The studio is clean and tidy - The work hangs nicely - the first visitors are there - and then I forget to take pictures. Anyway it was a great weekend


I participate and open my studio these two days. You're very much welcome.www.artwestamsterdam.nl


Returned from a trip to Nice. Even a rising storm is breathtakingly beautiful. Watch the amazing colors and light.


 A gift from nature. What I'm going to do with it? I do not now


'Prost' on life
It's a puzzle and will grow. (work in progress) previous versions below.


I want to share with you the following website: http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/
Because they also have master classes. For example: Alan Guth "inflationary cosmology" Not easy but a chance to understand this matter. http://www.worldscienceu.com/courses/master_class
and you can get a certificate of participation. I love it


'Prost' on life
It's a growing puzzle. (work in progress) previous versions below.


albert gyr

Finally I'm happy with the result.
Next the story, the cahier, and its layout


ALARM art initiative celebrates its 20th anniversary with a group exhibition called 20 x 20 x 20.
For me a moment to look back at 1996, when I made an installation in which reality and imagination had to collide.

Now in 2014, the ideas are compressed. Results seem more simple and tangible.
But what happened exactly, I do not know yet.

miniature 2 x 2 x 2 cm Oil on Ametrien (stone)

Openingswoord wordt verzorgd door Liesbeth Jans, o.a. beleidsmedewerkster bij Brabantse Kunststichting Tilburg
opening op zondag 21 september 2014 om 14.30 uur
Duur van de tentoonstelling: iedere zaterdag en zondag van 21 september tot en met 26 oktober 2014 Geopend van 13.00 uur tot 17.00 uur en op afspraak: 0485 362618
Tijdens de tentoonstelling worden er op aanvraag rondleidingen gegeven
ans verdijk
Oeffeltseweg 21 | 5835 BB Beugen (NB)


work in progress - (Last Voyage) comes out autumn 2014

Three days after his departure appeared the cloud.
He wanted to show me that he enjoys it there.
It becomes a 'cahier' [with] his (Last Voyage) as I interpret his last thought about the big bang.
I owe him.
Our last collaboration.



A summer jewelry collection.
For sale at the "kiosk" of "Persgroep Amsterdam"

Makes sense if you paint the sea.


work in progress / 3
late afternoon or evening twilight


work in progress / 2
separation of water and sand - but where?


work in progress / 1
the beginning of a painting. Two layers are painted.


In the heading "Who lives there" from the NZZ Folio ( 3-02 ) 
I discovered a painting by myself, painted around 1983. ( on the left )
that's a nice surprise